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Milan's Equipment

Milan Steadicam
GPI PRO with day bright green monitor 2nd generation. Transvideo 8" HD monitor, with Redbyte High Definition SDI video to analog converter.
CanaTrans - UHF transmitter & CanaTrans Tandem - Receiver
Low mode Cage and Low mode bracket.

Milan Arm
Silver Spring Arm from RIG ENGINNEERING AUSTRALIA PTY LTD carrying loads of 13lbs. to 63 lbs.

Milan VestMilan Vest
Walter Klassen the Universal Harness (back vest)
Master series (front vest)

BFD Focus Control:
Milan BFD Control
BarTech Focus & Iris Devices (analog)
2x Heden M26P (analog)motors.

Handsfree transporter:
Milan Handsfree Transporter
HFT/ X2 for tracking shots. suitable for any terrain (road or off road)
Max speed 20.5km
Car seat with hard mounting for fast tracking shots fit to any car towbar.
Hard mounting on HFT.
Jib/crane head system up to 20kg with Pan & Tilt and up to 10Kg with roll

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